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Meaning Of Kahu?

Why We Are Called Kahu the Kiwi?

Many members have asked about the meaning of “KAHU”?
Kahu has different meanings dependent on the context in which it is used and whether used as a verb or a noun.

Why Are We Called Kahu The Kiwi? Find Out The Meaning Behind Kahu

However, the name Kahu, given to the name of our group comes from the name of the Korowai (Kiwi feathered cloak), known as Kahu Kiwi.
What does the Kahu mean? The name given to our Kahu Sports Facebook Group.

The Korowai symbolises, prestige, mana, honour and respect.
There is a deep Maori history in relation to the whakapapa (history) of the Kahu Kiwi.
For this purpose a Korowai (cloak) when draped over the shoulders of a person acknowledges their spirituality, their lineage and their own influence.

The Kahu Kiwi is made from a variety of natural materials such as muka, harakeke (flax), also the feathers of the Brown Kiwi.
The Kiwi is a symbol of New Zealand heritage and is also the nickname used internationally for people of New Zealand.

The founder of the group Dave Goodenough is, of course, a Kiwi from New Zealand although he is residing in Australia.

Every member of Kahu wears the Kahu Kiwi in our group.
No matter where you are from or where you live in the world we acknowledge you. You are respected for who you are as a person.
You are acknowledged for your own lineage and the influence that you bring to the group as a member of Kahu you are Kahu The Kiwi – Rugby and World Sports.